Progress Update – October 2016

I recently got a JP-08 and was able to interface it with the RN-9090


Things are going well for the future of the RN-9090 although I haven’t had much time to work on it. I think I have a final design for the RN-9090:

I am expanding the virtual page system to an 8 page x 16 steps each giving a total linkable loop of 128 steps per loop. I’m still going to have the swap feature that will be a separate more from the “link mode”. Basically, the operation will be split into two different modes. The link mode will automatically go to the next page while the step mode will allow you to choose the next page to go to.

I’m also going to expand the outputs to 4 MIDI outs. Each row can be linked to a MIDI out or you can link pages to MIDI out ports as you see fit.

For the interface, I’m going to bring a lot of the menu functions out to a knob-per-function interface. There will now be dedicated controls for Note, Velocity, and Gate on a per note, per row, or global basis all at the touch of a button.

Finally, I’m going to implement two different modes for the buttons (one drums and one synths). In the “synth” mode for the buttons, each button will be able to be assigned to two different MIDI notes. In the “drum” mode, each row can be assigned to set a poly-rhythmic setting.

Yes, there will be poly-rhythm.

Coming soon. By the end of the year, I hope.