Update – 3/29/2017

I’ve finally gotten a chance to get back to work on this. Today, I successfully finished my library to interface with the external memory. Things look good through the logic analyzer so I am moving forward. I have one last thing to do as far as the hardware migration is concerned is see if I can get the code for the Graphics LCD ported over to the STM32. If I can do that, then we will be in business and the hardware migration will be complete.

I still have some software migration left to do. The song capability needs to be fully integrated into the new OS. And, I am thinking about expanding the song mode capabilities to max out the capabilities of the chip (why not, right?). There is additional migration stuff left to do like fully completing the memory read/write capabilities and just general testing as well.

One piece of bad news is that I found out that my source for the graphics LCD has discontinued the product so I will have to find a replacement. Fortunately, I have 3 extra that I bought before they were discontinued. What I want to do is when I finish this final design, I am going to make 2 extra prototypes and sell them off as a means to raise awareness (and hopefully some money) and then from there perhaps a kickstarter.