Update 1/30/18

I’m currently working on my next prototype PCB that includes the new STM32 chip. I’ve been going back and forth about whether I wanted to do a stand-alone board to prove to myself that I can do a board with the STM32. But, the breakout board I made would cost $25. I think, for that price, I might as well just go for it with all the peripheral chips connected to it. I am doing a full SMT/SMD board this time so I have been working on selecting the right components and making sure I have the right footprints. I’m using the same general layout as I have for the previous prototypes so I can save time by not re-inventing the wheel. I am almost done with all the parts selections and I have done most of the footprints. I just need to double check everything then whip up the layout and we will be on the way. I don’t know if I have will have time this weekend but, hopefully next week or the week after I will be able to put some work in. I can’t wait to get this finished and see if it works. Stay tuned!