The RN-9090 is a hardware step sequencer with a uniform button interface. The button interface is a 192 button, 12 x 16 grid with 11 assignable rows at 16 steps each and 1 control row to access the device features. Some of the features of the RN-9090 include:

  • Dual virtual pages that can be worked in independently, swapped, and linked for a 32 step sequence.
  • Dual button assignments for MIDI rows. Each button has an A/B that can be assigned to different MIDI numbers.
  • Dual MIDI outputs. Each MIDI row can be individually assigned to one of two MIDI ports effectively splitting the button interface into two parts and allowing for control of two instruments simultaneously.
  • 128×64 backlit graphics LCD for menu navigation and status display.
  • Dedicated knobs for velocity control. Velocity settings can be changed on a per row or per note basis.
  • Dedicated knob for swing strength that can be changed on a per row basis. Different swing settings can be set in the swing menu.
  • Dedicated knob for per-note length control. Note lengths can be extended up to 5 minutes.
  • Storage for saving pages (up to 100).
  • Song mode to playback saved patterns. A song consists of 64 “scenes” which consists of a single pattern that can be looped for a defined number of times before moving on to the next scene. Saved pages are used as the foundation of each scene of a song. Songs can be paused and navigated forwards and backwards during song playback.
  • Adjustable grid settings to 1/16th notes, 1/8th notes, or 1/4 notes.
  • Accurate and stable output. Max jitter every 8-9 steps is 1.2 ms while other steps have perfect timing.